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Total screw up

New hosting company for Captive Reefing has already managed to screw things up, not bad only took 12 hours to hose the site up. 2 A records for the hostname each point to different IP addresses, only one of them a valid Apache server configured to serve the domain, 50/50 shot of hitting the site every 14400 seconds = SANFU.

DNS is not that hard to figure out if you take a second to actually LOOK at it, silly tech tells me I’m wrong with I forward results retrieved from their DNS server, but apologizes for the confusion? Who’s confused here, I’ve only been earning a living doing this stuff for over 15 years. Odd that nothing like this happens on MY corporate network, maybe that’s why my mortage is still current huh?

If someone doesn’t pull their head out of their ass and quick I’ll be pulling all my sites off and back onto my own servers and go looking for that 91 day satisfaction garuntee, 3 days after signing up for service, if this is typical service, may not even be a new record for them. Maybe I’m just too demanding and am wrong expecting things to actually work, these crappy automated frontends sure look good on paper, but geez I’ll take the good old CLI and pico anyday over them, hell give me vi and I won’t complain, hell I’ve written more than one website with nothing but vi.

Enough venting, really did get a great deal on the hosting, out of 6 sites I’ve moved, only one is hosed, too bad it was the most important to the most number of people.

Back to hammering at the problem at hand.