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phpBB Forums Blog Hack

If you have not seen it yet, there is a new hack for phpBB out in Beta test, the Blog Mod, now up to v0.2.0, it’s working so well I’ve moved into production so all of my forum members can now have a blog of their own, mostly to keep track of their saltwater reef tanks and things along that line, provides them with a great record keeping service, but also adds a bunch pages to the allinurl of the site, search engines are chewing through them like crazy! Very feature rich , the only issue I have with it thus far is that by default it is so customizable that it may be daunting for some users and they may be getting lost in the options, that would explain why most are using the default layout. Oh wait I still fit in that category for WordPress, one of these days I’ll make this a bit more presentable.

I’ve added a couple of new templates to the Mod, so we’ll see as time goes by what everyone thinks. If you’d like to see it in action, here is the listing of publically viewable blogs, and my personal Reef Journal can be viewed as well…

Harnessing the popularity of Blogs in general and tie them to Google tearing through them, this can only give things a boost.