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Concealed Carry in WI?

A little political viewpoints to toss into the mix, since it’s a subject very near and dear to my heart, one that has left a very sore spot in my life. After the WI State Supreme Court issued instructions to the state legislature to change the current law on the books to permit the carrying of concealed weapons, this was issued shortly after the court basically overturned the conviction of a man carrying a concealed weapon in his own place of business as he was closed and getting the days proceeds sorted and prepared for deposit to his bank, when he allowed to law enforcement officers to enter his closed establishment for coffee or something along those lines, his shop is located in a high crime area of Milwaukee If memory he was slapped quite hard for this, as it was in violation of current law, in his residence this would have been deemed permissible. This a brief overview of the events, ultimately on appeal his was fined $1 and released. Following these events there were several revisions of the proposed law, setting requirements for applicants concerning training on safety and education of the laws, setting boundaries where carrying would be illigeal all sorts of restrictions, actually well written and very acceptable in my view.

Gov. Jim ‘Turncoat’ Doyle vetoed the bill last year after being passed by the state house and senate, shortly thereafter a veto override was pushed up, whipped back through the assembly and due to one house member who flipped at the last possible second killed the override, his politicking days are now numbered, so are many others.

Currently 42 states have laws permitting the carrying of concealed weapons, and surprise since introduction these states have seen dramatic reductions in both violent and nonviolent crimes against people. I can’t fathom why……

Guess now would be a good time to explain why this is so near and dear to me, I’m a 15 year veteran of Federal Law Enforcement, with the last 9 being in Federal Corrections (all military). So what are the odds of me running into some of my prior aquaintences that I’d either locked up or kept locked up during this span…. pretty damn good. My first 5 minutes in the state while fueling up I had the pleasure of a confrontation with two ex-cons who were more than happy to see me, right up until they were looking down the barrel of my .44. Never had the need to fire a shot, as they dropped to their weapons immediately. Good thing I still had my credentials, when the state trooper rolled up to some pissed off redneck holding two knuckle heads on the ground wearing flexicuffs at gun point. For all intents and purposes I was in total violation of the law (my cred’s were no longer valid since I’d terminated my contract. They were taken into state custody for parole violations. Too bad this was not the only time I’ve encountered former residents of my previous profession. So what are my choices, violate the law and carry to ensure the protection of my family and take my chances with the law, or worse abide by the law as written…… I’ll leave my personal choice out of this for now.

From The Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association web site
Senator Dave Zien will be live on 790 AM WAYY Radio in Eau Claire at 8:30
a.m. tomorrow, January 27 to discuss concealed carry with John Murphy and
Bruce Butler. Be sure to tune and call the talk line at (715) 836-9299 to
voice your support for this legislation!

If you’re not able to hear the show in your area, please go to WAVY’s
website and vote in their online poll on concealed carry. The address for
WAVY’s site is . The poll questions are on the far
right side of the page.

This issue is not yet over by any means, Senator Dave Zien has been spear heading the campaign to get this into law….

If you’d like more info on this take some time and run through the WCCA website listed above, there are great references and links out to the actual bills and public court documents surrounding this issue and events.

As a side note, I personally contacted the WI State District attorney to gather as much info as possible, the accepted interpretation of the current law is that citizen (barring those whom possessing a firearm is prohibited) can strap on a loaded pistol or sling a rifle across his/her back and walk on any street in the state, just not in a vehicle (where it must be unloaded and cased), nor into a ‘public building’ ie.. state buildings such as courthouses, police stations, gov’t offices etc…. and of course schools and such, so long as the weapon is in plain site.

Just for fun I’ve been tempted many a time to grab my huge .44 bag, by huge I mean a 10.5″ barreled hand held cannon that serves as a deer rifle and general fun gun to shoot, and drive into down, shoulder rig her up and go for a stroll though town… just to wait till one of the local wanna be a real cops thinks he’s gonna score a big collar an arrest me… then file a huge lawsuit and sue the living hell out of everyone involved. I’m 99% convinced this would work perfectly, as every peace officer I’ve encountered and had the opportunity to talk with at any length has told me I can’t carry in plain sight… hee hee

One of these days….