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Cowgirls and Fishes…

Every now and again I like to check my website stats and see where my traffic is coming from. Thanks to Digital Point watching where spiders are refferred from can be fun to watch as they tend to be very diverse. Some of them may catch my eye and I’ll go look at the site, and others just buzz right by. Today was not really any different with the exception of one referrer, , I was almost afraid to follow it back, but knowing a DP link should not have any crud refferrers out there it should be safe, well curiosity got the better of me to see how they’d found my Aquarium Forums, but I clicked the link from my stats page and breathed a sigh of relief as pictures of horses and such starting appearing in my browser, this had the potential of being really ugly.

Now the real question, the site contained no ads or links off the page that was recorded by my server, leaving my to believe that it had to be one of our regular visitors who has some pretty diverse interests, aquariums and horses, I guess that works. Not going to bother digging through the server logs to figure out who, it’s more fun now to think that if they stumble upon this blog entry then they’ll know they were seen and can worry about being branded a redneck or something. As if the person typing this hasn’t green broken more than a fair share of wild mustangs way back when (back when the only way to get it done was to hire stupid kids with a death wish to do it).

Whomever the “WyomingCowGirl” is, she just earned a link for however long it lives, some nice pics on the site.

Pretty much the high point of my day so far…. at least quittin’ time is rapidly approaching and IT’S FRIDAY!