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Almost 5 Springer Spaniels

Almost ended up with 5 dogs last night….which if I had mentioned today we have 6 would make more sense. Yes, I said we have 6 (for those a bit slower that’s more fingers than you are ‘sposed to have on your right hand), English Springer Spaniels. If you were to ask me why, I don’t know that I could honestly answer that as I’ve yet to figure it out myself. Sort of started with a joke, Angel would mention she wanted another baby and I told her to buy a dog…. now things have gotten just plain nuts.

Back to my original thoughts… we live in the middle of a huge field 100 acres give or take, and the dogs seem to have as big a taste for deer and other critters as I do. Sso they often leave the ‘play yard’ I built, what a waste of a lot of back breaking work and $$$ putting up a 300′ of chainlink fence, they just dig their way under and off they go (gonna fix that this spring with a couple cement trucks and finish off the kenels). But our oldest Tugger Brambles goes missing for 4, 5, 6, 7, and after 8 hours we really begin to panic. It’s like no degrees outside and still close to a foot of snow everywhere. Off I go cruising around the fields edges, no pup anywhere to be seen. Head back to the house figuring my driving around out there would have stirred him up and he’d be in the house while I was outside freezing my tail off looking for him. Still no signs.

Around 11pm I got really bright, leashed up the next oldest, Hunter Briars, grabbed a mag light and a pistol (I could hear a pack of mangy coyotes in the woods to the south). Get Hunter fired up and tell him we have to find Tugger, a few seconds later the light bulb comes on and we’re off trudging through the woods, sticker bushes, briars, sticktights, you name it and we grow it. You should see where the dogs’ naming convention comes in here. Let’s just say if it was sharp and pointy I got stabbed in the face with it several times…. Ended up half a mile or better from the house and Hunter goes cold, plops his butt in the snow, looks up as if to tell me he’s lost the trail. Really smart critters these Springers, I’d never gotten around to actually training them. But I know we were on his trail judging from all the tracks in the snow leading from one pile of what was a critter of some sort to the next. About this time my flashlight is pretty dim and I’m frozen solid and gave it up, figuring he’ll either come home or he won’t and will try it again in the morning when I can actually see.

Around 1am guess who shows up at the back door…. Tugger is home!!!! But surprise, I expected to find an 80% frozen solid dog or worse, nope instead he’s really toasty warm, like laying by the fireplace warm and dry. This makes no sense at all, 11 hours in the snow does not equal a warm dog. Best we’ve come up with is someone must have tried to dognap him or something, and after meeting his very vicious and unfriendly side gave it up brought him home. Tug’s a real tough nut to break, friendly as hell, until something is wrong, then look out, you’ve got 60 pounds of pure pissed off that will eat you, period. He’s got one weakness, if he knows you even a little and you open a car/truck door it means it’s time to go for a ride, and to Tugger’s that means ice cream or something good.

Everyone for 10 miles around or better knows of our dogs, generally by name, that and they probably think we are total basket-cases too. Someone had to have waited until very late and driven him close to the house and turned him loose, there is just no other explanation, his skin and fur were at least 15 degrees warmer than the air in the house, and we like it warm! I can’t imagine who would pull such a stupid stunt, they had to have known him and us, and that means they know that this cowboy doesn’t screw around, dogs or no dogs any unexpected visitor to the house or out in the fields gets greeted by the barrell of a gun right quick, your flirting with disaster around here if you are up to no good.

I’m done ranting now, and going to go wrestle with my pups for a spell… oh yeah here’s a pic of my Bug.
Tugger Brambles (aka Bug)

BTW anyone looking for Springer pups should start forming a line now, we’ve got a litter due in about 6 weeks.

BBTW if you are the lousy som’bitch that tried to swipe my dog, be a man and step up, so I can knock the dummy dust out of your coconut, it must need a good cleaning. Maybe I’ll turn the pack lose on you as well.

Now I’m really gonna go play with the dogs.