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Thousands of steel rings create…

Every wonder how the cool looking chainmaille (chain mail) shirts, coifs and other various protective garments were made? I was doing a little clean up of one of my file servers and I stumbled across some old files I’d stashed away that may be of some interest to others. During a long and cold Wisconsin winter I took up the task of studying and mastering the creation of chainmaille, many of the different weaves that were used around the world during the Dark Ages. I now have a mid thigh length chainmaille shirt, made from 10’s of thousands of 14 gauge galvanized steel rings. This little project took me months to complete and weighs in at over 60 pounds. How did the knights and such bear such tremendous weight is beyond me. But it was fun, and I was even able to support my little hobby while I was add it, even made a few hundred bucks selling the excess rings in eBay.

So I reposted the web pages on something I called Dakar’s Armory

Some examples; Euro 4 in 1Euro 8 in 1Oriental 6 in 1

Again, take a look at Dakar’s Armory for more weave styles and instructions.

Somewhere I have drawn up instructions on how to create the rings and may post them as well. Or maybe get back into the business of selling them again.