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Our slice of the ocean.

Angel and I took the day out hopping around local fish stores, we WERE only out to pick up a couple of odds and ends to add to our 180 gallon reef aquarium… Well things didn’t quite turn out that way, burned a pile of money but came home with dinner and;

70lbs of base rock

18 blue legged hermit crabs
6 new snails (sand sifting… real id pending)
1 Skunk Cleaner Shrimp
1 Plate Anenome

1 Coral Beauty
1 Convict Tang (Martha, named after Martha Stewart)
2 False Percula Clowns
4 Green Chromis
3 6-line wrasses

Brown and Pink Button Polyps (huge 15lb rock)
Green Button Polyps
Brown Sea Mat
Toadstool Mushroom

But in reality it is money well spent, after all we don’t drink at all, I know more than one person who can walk right through a paycheck sitting in a tavern, at least this we will enjoy for years and years to come. Besides we can spend hours each day just sitting and looking into the tanks and be amazed at the amount of life that really exists in there. Can you imagine watching as bacteria filled water evolves into itty bitty critters that live within the rock and sand? How about seeing the smallest fragments grow into a beautiful coral colony, knowing that we will propagate it one day to give away or trade it for something new. Only those who keep coral and such have any idea of the investment just sitting there in a glass box.

All to help stop others removing animals from the natural reefs, instead propagate them from captive species, spread these clones around as much as possible so that we can repopulate the reefs that are being destroyed while protecting much of the worlds ocean front properties from natural disasters, now that is the true meaning of what we call Captive Reefing.

Besides it’s just damn cool to have a real slice of the ocean in your living room, bedroom, and soon another going up in the dining room wall.