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True data security

Such exciting activities going on in the office today… had a hard drive fail in one of my servers… easy enough fix pull the dead one replace with a new one… poof problem goes away. Now of course there is confidential data on the old hard drive, granted it’s not likely anyone can recover anything useful from it, considering it was in a RAID5 array. But just to be sure here is the results of 20 mins of goofing around with what WAS a $4,000 hard drive….

The forth platter died in the removal process. But I did save the powerful magnets they put in there as well.

Even managed to get them out of there without spilling any blood for a change… the spillage I generally attribute to Compaq for using different sized torx bits (one of which I couldn’t seem to find today), so a drill made light work of them. Now time to think up something really useful for them, perhaps grinding the edges as sharp as possible and …………