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PawPaw, that’s me…..

Today we had the rare pleasure of spending the majority of the day minding after our granddaughter while her parents were working. Sometimes it takes a little one running around the house to remind us of just how much time has really passed us by, we need to slow some things down a little before we miss much more. At just over 2 years old now she’s gotten quite the vocabulary and it’s even intelligable full length sentences. Though the content seems like we are talking to our teenage daughter, many words don’t always mean the same things to the speaker or the person being spoken to.

Want to melt the heart of even the toughest or meanest fella you can think of, let them hear these words uttered clearly from a little one’s mouth to her mom on the way out the door; “I love my PawPaw”. For those not yet achieving the ‘grandparent status’ you are in for a treat, just wait, after hearing that, I’ve walked around the house just a little bit taller than the day started. PawPaw, that’s me……