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Damn Clarkii

Damn Clarkii clowns are driving me nuts, I took them off the hands of a friend who was finally able to remove them from her tank and no longer wanted to house them. I had the rediculous notion that since they were a mated pair perhaps we’d get lucky and get a couple of broods to raise for trading stuff later. Dumb idea, the female is a terror, but we were able to capture her and move her to the new tank, but the male is being very stubborn and we’ve not been able to catch him yet. So agressive towards his other tankmates, he just needs to go, it looks like yesterday at some point while being a royal ass knock stuff around apparently a large piece of live rock went tumbling and crushed our new Convict Tang, one that I had appropriately named Martha.

Rapidly loosing patience with these guys…. tonight he gets moved. period.