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No post today

Long day at work today, had to wait for the office to empty out so I could bring down half of the desktop network segments to be reconfigured to match the ‘corporate standard’ of our parent company. Not that I agree with the new routing configurations for performance reasons, but at least I was able to gain some more gear that didn’t come from my budget. Next Friday we’ll do the other distribution closet. Aside from the long night, at least it was not completely wasted away waiting for everyone to finish their work and go home, I was able to get some productive work done on another project. Finished the hardware build and tested out the box for another office I’ve picked up a support contract for. Sharp machine, and faster than hell, AMD Athalon XP 2900+, 512M PC 3200 RAM, and dual 160G SATA drives (RAID1). Still got a couple of things to get sorted out with the mirroring before I can start kernel hacking to squeeze as much speed as possible from it. Slackware running at 2Ghz on a 400Mhz FSB is just plain cool, be willing to bet she’ll keep pace with my ML380’s.

No post today…. guess I was wrong there, good grief.