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Posts published in “Day: February 13, 2005”

Chain mail cross inlay

Found a scan of an inlay of a celtic cross I’d created to add to my chainmail shirt and thought I’d share a picture of it to share.
Cross inlay

I still need to make a few hours to weave it into my shirt. This was created using 14ga brass rings to outline the black rings, these were created from 14ga galvanized steel rings painted with high temp grill paint, so far with the amount of handling it has received the painting has stood up very well. My daughter has enjoyed showing off my work at school for a teacher who does a semester on the Dark Ages (Jr. High) and even after she has long since moved on the teacher requests samples of my work each year for demonstrations for her current class.

She gets a kick out of having a dad who’s a total redneck, rides a 30 year old Goldwing in spring and summer, but generally is a shirt and tie to work as a network engineer, but still makes time to learn and do strange things like creating chainmaille. Go figure. Though my plans to build a forge out back sort of got nixed by Angel as going a bit too far, I wanted to try my hand at learning how to forge my own swords and plate mail armor. For now I’ll settle for those I’ve collected thus far. But still on the lookout for a full suit of plate mail just for fun.

Meta Tag Generator

My frist tool created for Webasters to create meta tages for new pages is available for public use, its running from our forums site, but there is no need to register with the board to use the tool. It will create Meta tags for your site formattted for optimum effectiveness for search engines crawling your site. Pretty simple tool, but saves some of the legwork for creating your own tags, or for those unsure how to write them all themselves for Site Title, Description, keywords, and Site Author.

Feel free to use it as you will. The tool can be found here at the CR Meta Tag Creator page

More tools to follow.

Spring code cleanup

Since Jimmy the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, spring should be here ealier this year… yeah right, the only thing they are good for is for sighting in a varmit rifle for 400 meter shots. None the less spring cleaning has arrived and in an attempt to start cleaning up a lot of my code decrease the page load time I removed the Chatroom code from the Captive Reefing forums server, it’s never used and just wasting a bit of bandwith having to parse the extra code and make database queries. Actually made a slight difference of about .2 seconds for the forums index page to load over a 56K connection. The .css still needs some massive optimization though, dang thing is huge.

The board gew way too fast and in an attempt to add more features and hacks I moved a little too quickly and the code got huge. More clean up on the way here shortly. New hosted server just isn’t as robust as I’d like, my little 750Mhz desktop class box the board was running on, as well as 6 other sites was so much more responsive 🙁

Not sure I like they way these guys do things, maintaining the MySQL server on another box just isn’t the fastest way of doing things, even with 1000mbit network connectivity.

Easy blog promotion

Found something interesting for promoting your blog without any hassle Ping-O-Matic. It’ll get your blog indexed and seen by a dozen or so blog directories without any hassle. Been using it maually for the last week or so, and now I’m starting to see a number of backlinks appearing across MSN and Yahoo from the directories and a few other odd sites (apparently some folks are reading my ramblings for some reason or another), Google only updates BL’s about monthly so in a few weeks we’ll see what the big G thinks. Though I don’t think anything beats manual submissions to gain BL’s, at least the sites supported by PingOMatic add takes care of a dozen or so for you. Adding a link to here in the footer for all pages in our Coral Reef Forum sure didn’t hurt anything, the bots have been cruising through almost daily. Think I’m actually starting to get some of this SEO stuff sorted out, Dave’s Ramblings now ranks #5 in Google by title, not bad out of about 53K, it was ranked at 500+ two weeks ago.

Next trick will be to try get a cron job to call wget or something to submit the site to P-o-M to ping all the directories for me.