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Easy blog promotion

Found something interesting for promoting your blog without any hassle Ping-O-Matic. It’ll get your blog indexed and seen by a dozen or so blog directories without any hassle. Been using it maually for the last week or so, and now I’m starting to see a number of backlinks appearing across MSN and Yahoo from the directories and a few other odd sites (apparently some folks are reading my ramblings for some reason or another), Google only updates BL’s about monthly so in a few weeks we’ll see what the big G thinks. Though I don’t think anything beats manual submissions to gain BL’s, at least the sites supported by PingOMatic add takes care of a dozen or so for you. Adding a link to here in the footer for all pages in our Coral Reef Forum sure didn’t hurt anything, the bots have been cruising through almost daily. Think I’m actually starting to get some of this SEO stuff sorted out, Dave’s Ramblings now ranks #5 in Google by title, not bad out of about 53K, it was ranked at 500+ two weeks ago.

Next trick will be to try get a cron job to call wget or something to submit the site to P-o-M to ping all the directories for me.