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Spring code cleanup

Since Jimmy the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, spring should be here ealier this year… yeah right, the only thing they are good for is for sighting in a varmit rifle for 400 meter shots. None the less spring cleaning has arrived and in an attempt to start cleaning up a lot of my code decrease the page load time I removed the Chatroom code from the Captive Reefing forums server, it’s never used and just wasting a bit of bandwith having to parse the extra code and make database queries. Actually made a slight difference of about .2 seconds for the forums index page to load over a 56K connection. The .css still needs some massive optimization though, dang thing is huge.

The board gew way too fast and in an attempt to add more features and hacks I moved a little too quickly and the code got huge. More clean up on the way here shortly. New hosted server just isn’t as robust as I’d like, my little 750Mhz desktop class box the board was running on, as well as 6 other sites was so much more responsive 🙁

Not sure I like they way these guys do things, maintaining the MySQL server on another box just isn’t the fastest way of doing things, even with 1000mbit network connectivity.