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Chain Mail Dice Bag

Still digging pictures off an old file server and finding more and more chain mail projects that I created. Here is a Dice Bag that I created and actually sold a few dozen ‘kits’ and a number of pre-made, the Dungeons and Dragons fans went crazy over them. As well as a school in Colorado that I supplied a few hundred bucks worth of rings to for the kids for Renasance Fairs. I was never able to gain permission from the all of the kids parents that were photgraphed at the fair making them so I can’t post them. But the kids had a great time so it was time and effort very well spent.

I’ve still got the instructions for assembly around somewhere and may post them when I can find them.

These were created using the Oriental 6-in-1 weave (my instructions page)

dice bag with a pop can in it
With a pop can inside to demonstrate the interior space (yeah I know it’s unleaded pop)