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Google’s World Domination

Apparently Google is taking the next step towards world domination. Hey let’s face it, Google is an awesome search engine, they offer many fantastic services, but do I really want them taking over my browser completely? There was a reason I moved to Linux desktops and rather unconventional web browsers (lynx and links are great!), 9 times out of 10 I want just the information I’m looking for. No tracking ISBNs, VINs, or anything else… If I wanted an application to take over my browser and provide me with an onslaught of useless information, I’d put Windows back on the front line without a firewall.

The ‘Smart Tags’ of the future may not be that far off, soon we’ll all have GPS location chips implanted at birth, with a quajillion sensors to track who, what, when, where, how, and soon why we interact with our surroundings.

Don’t get me wrong, technology is great, without it I’d never make the truck and mortgage payments, but there are lines that should not be crossed, perhaps this doesn’t cross them…… but they are obviously being rapidly encroached upon.

I think the big G has crossed some boundaries here with this new toolbar, a dedicated box with a packet sniffer between it and the internet is in order to see just what is being transmitted over my already burdened 56K connection to the internet for my home network. Maybe it comes with a wireless attachment to determine when I’m hungry and automagically order me up a pizza too?

Thanks for the ADSL line, Verizon….NOT. But that is another rant to be taken up some day.