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Posts published in “Day: February 18, 2005”

No Y chromosome = electricution.

How can you tell when the weekend is going to be an adventure? Just make sure you start it off right. Come home from work to find bare wires sticking out of the ceiling where the smoke detector used to be. Angel decided today was a good day to run the oven through a cleaning cycle, I seldom look at it so I guess it really needed it. The pieces of the story I got was the oven filled the house with smoke from whatever was being burned out of the oven setting off the smoke detectors and the dogs were all going bonkers from the noise. Upstairs they are all battery powered except one that runs on AC. That wasn’t about to stop Angel from stopping that noise, yanked it off the ceiling and disconnected it from the power.

I found it on the table with the wire nuts, well that needs to be put back up, no biggy. Leaves three options, go downstairs and see if the breaker has been turned off [too many stairs], go out to the garage and get a meter to test the wires [too cold outside and its a long walk], leaving the only real option which of course is created by the lack of possessing that extra chromosome, knowing the white is neutral and would have no current on it just grab the black wire and see if it’s hot. BTW it was 🙂

Got a feeling this is going to one heck of a weekend, I have a ton of projects planned, I have another server to build, so that means fingertips being ground up by cooling fans, and a few others that will involve at least a table saw, drill, pneumatic nail gun, and a router. Need to remember to get the first aid box out and leave it somewhere handy, I can already predict the bloodshed. Glad I have a couple boxes of those liquid bandage things on hand.