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Posts published in “Day: February 20, 2005”

Fighting SATA RAID with Linux

It’s a good thing I don’t have a lot of hairs left on my head…. trying to install RedHat Linux 10.0 on a new mainboard is driving me out of my mind. Linux isn’t the problem, once it’s up and running it’ll work forever, but getting the damn box to actually boot from the array controller is for the birds. I’m on the 4th complete install now and think MAYBE I’ve got it figured. Seems RH has the SATA drivers built in as “Software RAID”, of course dumbass had already created the array with the “hardware” array config built into the bios. Which of course we all know really isn’t a hardware controller, it needs special drivers to function, none the less I had to go in and blow away the array so i’d quit throwing up the error that the drives were replicated. I should have stayed with Slackware, that would have cut 1/2 of a day off this project, maybe shortening up the learning curve a bit while waiting for the install. Slack’s install is so much faster and cleaner, you’d think RH was windoze for the amount of time required to actually install, from 4 CD’s! Even M$ has given up their propriatary bloatware install, Server2003 is pretty slick, especially given it’s a Microsoft product. I think RH has taken up where M$ stopped. A “FULL” install of Slackware 10.1 took under 10 minutes for both CD’s. Compared to almost an hour for RH, makes it look a bit paultry, silly GUI install, why run the install through Xwindows…just plop the files into memory untar them write them out and move on with life. Geez.

I guess in the end it doesn’t matter, at least I’ve had time to type this up while waiting for the first CD to run. The box really rocks, an AMD 2900+ with 512M 400mhz DDR RAM, of course once it’ll actually boot from the hard drives, the 133mhz bus of the dual 160G SATA drives should be able to kick in and show it’s stuff. A little overkill on everything for just an FTP/Web server, but she’ll make for a great server.

Woohoo disk #2 is finished…. time to plop in #3 and head back upstairs to thaw out for a bit….it’s freezing down here in the server room in the basement, the machines like it, but it’s a killer on the old fingers. Now I ‘member why I seldom play games or do any serious work from down here in the winter 😉

Racing season opener.

Nascar starting off the season pretty clean, with Jeff Gordon #24 winning his third Daytona 500.

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