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What’s preventing you from high speed internet access?

What’s this map for? The states colored dark grey actually have legal barriers in place to prevent anyone (besides the Telco’s) from establishing any sort of ‘community’ internet access, be it wireless or broadband or whatever. Check you particular states laws to figure out why. The states in blue actually have legistlation in the pipe to block such activities.

This is rediculous, up in Wisconsin I’d say that anything faster than dialup is available to about 3% of the state TOTAL! Our own resisidence is way out in the sticks, as we prefer not to see people, the remainder of the state outside of the larger 40K+ populated cities get nothing. Options, pay the bloodsucking telco’s for a lousy copper run for a frame relay and WIFI it out to anyone that can reach your access point to share the load on the monthly bills. Guess what, you can’t ‘legally’ do it!

Satellite, well it works, but who wants to shell out 1000 clams for the equipment and the monkey to set it up, and then pay $60/month for such high latency service. Not knocking the satellite providers, they are providing the best that they can, it’s the shear distances they are dealing with, come on even at the speed of light, 11 miles up and 11 more back down, mathmatically your still looking at around 290ms before your first packet ever reaches the ‘net. I’d take it, but last I saw they required the hardware to connect to a Windoze box, sorry I’m not that gutsy to put Windoze up front. But they happily take my money every month to pipe in my TV show that I don’t watch in very nicely.

That got off on a tangent, back to the topic at hand, the crappy Telco’s have the states legislation so deep in their pockets and their heads so far up their asses it’s doubtful they’ll ever see daylight again. With the recent telco mergers and such we are slowly going back to the Ma Bell system, well Baby Bell just bought out Ma Bell, but the overall picture is the same, we are all getting hosed. Almost $30 a month for a plain jane no frills analog phone line that does nothing but connect my firewall to my ISP’s dial up access server 24×7, bet they love that one. Toss in another 20 spot for internet access and a static address so my sendmail server doesn’t get it’s MX record lost in some dynamic pool somewhere. All this for a lousy 56K, oops forgot the FCC ruling 53K down 33.6K up connection to the internet to be shared amongst everyone in the house.

Why are they allowed to get away with such tactics? All I can say is you voted for them, not me (i was out of state). But state elections will be coming back around….

Source Free Press Community Internet