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Complete Home Security Systems.

A little commercial advertisement.
Looking for a home security system? Have you done as we did and contacted the big corporations for an estimate of what it would cost to have a ‘complete’ security system for your home and peace of mind… Seen the commercials promoting prices of $99? They are a complete joke, we actually had a fella come by (lets just say they drive the big armored trucks)to do a site survey for our home and to see just what that $99 really bought, by the time it was all said and done we would have been nailed for well over $1000 even that was settling for some lesser coverage than what we reallt wanted as a cost saving effort. Not to mention another $50 a month for monitoring. We sent him packing.

Take up this challenge, take a look at the pricing of the X10 home security systems on our X10 affiliate page, take a look at the advantages and flexibility, and best of all the special prices we can get for you (don’t forget FREE shipping on any order over $50), book mark the page, then call the ‘big guys’ and get their real prices for your home, that $99 will get your just two windows and doors. Then come back and order your system and gain more confidence that your home is protected, take the savings and that next vacation is half paid for.

You’ll hear from all of them that you really need to have a trigger on the doors or a primary window since the would be intruders will generally gain access through a weak window and have to get back out somehow and will likely use a door, then the system will notify the authorities while they are making their getaway. Granted there is some truth in that claim, UNLESS you’d rather have the alarm go off and the authorities notified immediately as access is being attempted, what if your familiy is in the house, an intruder could be milling around undected for a long time before any alarm is tripped. Personally I want to know immediately if someone is trying to gain entry to my house, not after they’ve broken in to do God knows what and are on their way back out. I know I sleep a lot better with our system, and have no fears when we leave the house with the system active.

Renting your home, move frequently? These systems will move with you without leaving a single component behind. Additionally these systems can be reconfigured anytime you like, add a simple module to the back of your computer and monitor the whole system from remote, schedule events like turn on/off lights or other apppliances to make it appear someone is home. You can even set it up to turn on the coffee maker for you automatically so you have a fresh hot cup of java waiting for you in the morning.

Take a look at our main X10 Home Security and Automation page for other specials, packages, any product X10 makes can be ordered from our pages or called in (remember to reference the promotional code to ensure you get the best deal possible), all products will be shipped direct from the X10 wharehouse , but pay only our special affiliate prices! Mix and match to your hearts content. Again FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $50!