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Best use for a chicken

Well at least they are using the feathers for something usefull anyhows. Though they could take the whole dang bird if it were up do me (yuck). But some rocket scientist type is reusing the feathers (after separating them from the the quill) to make PC boards. That’s ‘printed circuit’ boards, yes they are in your Personal Computer (PC) too. This would replace the petrolium based products in use today to fabricate them, namely fiberglass and resin. Chicken fethers are saturated with a soy based resin and harden and are then able to be copper clad to print the circuits on. Results, no petrolium products being comsumed, less weight, and what else are you gonna do with the dang feathers after KFC buys up the parts you guys eat?

They also site other uses such as non-structural auto parts such as the dashboard and door panels and such.

Seems like a solid idea to me… hope he can make it fly.