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More lighting changes for our 180G saltwater tank

Finally got the new canopy built and added to the tank, got 2 250w Iwasaki mercury vapor lights, on to each side, waiting for the ballast for the 400w bulb to add to the center of the tank, it won’t be here until Monday. Still going to hack part our old power compact fixture to add the power compact light from it to the tank as well. When it’s all said and done we’ll have 1160 watts of light over 180 gallons of water.

With just the two MV lights it already looks a LOT better. Never looked forward to Mondays, but this week I can hardly wait.

Thought I’d share a picture to show the difference so far, BTW don’t mind the coral, it was late and the main lighting period had ended so a lot of the coral was already closed up for the night.

180 gallon tank w/2x250w Iwasaki's