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What a week.

Found out today that we truly have been living within our own world, but that we are surrounded by a select number of whackos. Angel was informed today that that for the prior 3 days running 2 boys that ride the school bus with out 14 year old daughter have taken to mastrabating on the damn school bus and showing off their resulting prize! WTF? These kids are royally hosed in the head. These two little asses have been nothing but trouble, along with their other siblings. Since a ‘complaint’ has been sworn and hopefully criminal charges are now pending I’ll withhold the names, but as soon as charges are officially filed I’ll be more than happy to plaster the names all over the place…. then it’s a matter of public record which I’ll be all too happy to post copies of as well. Flipping sickos, I don’t know what brain damage has befallen seemingly every member of that family, but I pray that it has left them all sterile so they will no longer contaminate the gene pool of decent people, people with some semblence of sense. Same little bastards that have stolen my daughters cell phone, cd players, purse, you name it and the theiving little trailer trash heathens have stolen it, forcably taken, defaced or destroyed it. How this activity could be allowed to continue in the school for so long I have no idea.

I would venture there have been more than enough complaints and crap filed to fill an entire filing cabinet. But this time I think they’ve really stepped on their cranks, they crossed the line from pranks and crap right into seriously deviant behavior, this crap calls for more than a slap on the wrist, we along with the new bus driver are dead set on seeing this get all the way to court, it’s definately warranted in my opinion. Hell I wanted to call the Sherrif and swear in my own complaint when I got home and got the whole story, but let Angel talk me out of it thinking it should originate from a school official first. But I know where I’ll be first thing Monday morning, standing on the principals desk then the Sherriff’s office. This is such bullshit, nobody should be subjected to such a disgusting act, let alone my little girl. If I wasn’t certain I’d end up buried beneath the county lock up I’d have dealt with the little SOB’s myself.

Friday has already come and gone… at least the rest of the weekend is still ahead. Looks like I might just screw up and actually get a couple of projects completed. This evening I finished building the canopy for our 180 gallon saltwater tank. Even managed to get the first of many coats of polyurathane brushed on the interior surfaces, got the ‘buzz’ still going to prove it too. Temps are still way too cold to do it out in the garage, think the overnight high is supposed to be something like 15, the poly will freeze before it could ever get a chance to dry and cure. So instead I have the house filled with the odor. I expect we’ll live through it. In a rush to get it finished so I can get the new lighting systems built and installed. Then of course I have yet another tank to work on, this one going through a wall to house seahorses. Should be just awesome when it’s finsihed.

Still have to get a few more things sorted out for my latest moonlight client, waiting for the new MX record to be propagated out through DNS and set up the senmail server along with Squirrelmail so it’ll function as an IMAP server instead of a POP3. Glad he sees things my way and is following my advice, hell he’s paying for it, might as well follow it right? Still need to sort our a decent CVS setup for his office, at lastly try to figure out how the hell WebSphere actually works. What a hokey system that looks like, IBM really invented a rats nest with the one. Looks like a ton of java applets that run over its own Apache build. Also need to setup and find a way to get his Mac osX machines to attach to a D-Link wireless print server before Monday evening.

Only 2 billable billable hours for remote maintenance today for Apache/PHP/MySQL, phpmyadmin, and service validation.