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Building a fish tank into a wall

Today started a new adventure, building a fish tank into an existing wall. Bizarre Aquariums donated a ‘wall tank’ to our forums for a product review and is also providing another to be raffled off later. So far I’m totally impressed! Everything looks great, even have the location picked out where it is going to live. It will be viewable from both sides of the wall between Angel’s office and the hallway. Once it’s all said and done it will be a living picture, all framed in and flush fit to both sides of the wall. Angel’s going to fill her up with seahorses and of course I want to add some pipefish to her.

Follow along with the project log on this thread on CaptiveReefing. Are you a reef nut? Come on in and join the rest of us, if not feel free to browse through and maybe you’ll turn into one.

If you’re looking for some inspirations for a unique fish tank, let the Jones’ try to figure out where you got one of these from, take a look around Bizarre Aquariums, tanks in coffee tables, lamps, all sorts of really cool ideas, tell Blaine that Dave sent you.