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Helmet Laws in WI

Time to finally end my old scoot’s depression of sitting out in the cold garage all winter is slowly approaching. I’ve missed her too! Now I’ve lived in WI for the last 7 years or so, and have been riding my old Goldwing around for that past 5. Okay enough background, What’s your point Dave? A simple one that has been curiously nibbling at the back of my mind for years, how is it that the law says I can ride my scoot on any road or highway without a lid if I choose, yet if I jump in my truck I HAVE to fasten my seatbelt else suffer a rather stiff fine?

Now I enjoy cruising around ‘sans helmet’ on warm summer evenings on the back country roads just cruising with the wind on my head where I used to have hairs. But if I’m going to hop on the interstate I grab my helmet, simple reason, there’s crazies out there!

I just don’t understand how such conflicting laws can co-exist, does the corporate pull of Harley Davidson (based in WI) or motorcycle riders in general have that much influence on the legislature in general? Reality check, I’m far more likely to survive a wreck of any sort in my 9000 pound 1 ton pickup (aka cage) with or without a seatbelt (or helmet for that matter) than I am in the same situtation on my 800 pound bike where 85% of my body is exposed. Granted the bike is more manuverable, acellerates and decellerates a hell of of lot faster than any car/truck could, but does it make riding any safer? Not in my opinion.

At least I have this much going for me, Angel nags at me to wear my brain bucket and I do most of the time, but if my now 14 year old daughter (who practically has her name embroidered into the back seat from the day I brought it home) is riding with me she has been taught to always reach for a lid. At least I have that much right I suppose.

The laws surrounding these isues are clear, but the why’s make no sense rendering them clear as mud, why do I HAVE to wear a seatbelt if driving one of my trucks but not any other protective gear if I ride the bike. The Natural Selection theory will even things up for the nutjobs that do stupid things and take great risks to do them, no problem their, but what about those of us at least closer to the edge of sanity?