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Lost, another rerun….

Damn ABC and their silly idea that playing re-runs of Lost, what are they trying to do convince me to turn off the satellite dish now? That ‘s the only thing on the TV worthy of me dedicating an hour of my time to watch and they ruin it by showing old stuff. Didn’t even bother to turn it on tonight, instead managed to get a few chores done around the house that I’d planned on putting off until tomorrow.

I guess now I’m a day ahead of the game so I should get a night off right? I wish, the honey-do list grows at three times the rate I can possibly complete projects. Try as I might, I try to knock off one or two things a night. Hell there was a time I was keeping a running tally on my old Palm VII, but it would have run out of memory by now trying to track all of this stuff.

Guess the worst part is the antique spinning wheel I need to refinish is sitting on the spa cover since my little wood shop is full and we’d rather the dogs not find it to be a tasty chew toy, so can’t even slip in there for a good soaking. But it’ll be gorgeous when I’m done with it…. Angel dated it a while ago, somewhere around mid to late 1800’s. Pretty neat. I’ll get some pictures posted up here when I get some time.