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WI Concealed Carry Assn Raffle

Forwarded from WCCA email:

Dear fellow gun owner:

This year’s fight for concealed carry will be every bit as tough as last
year’s. But it’s still winnable.

What would help enormously is if we could raise funds to advertise in newspapers in targeted legislative districts around the state.

To that end, Tim Morton and the Wolf River Artisans’ Guild have generously donated their time and efforts to craft a beautiful package of two custom handguns, a custom knife, custom holsters and a custom presentation case.

You can win this package, and help in our efforts to sway the opinions of citizens in key legislative districts, by entering the raffle being run by the Wolf River Artisans’ Guild.

The Wolf River Artisans’ Guild, just like the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association, is all-volunteer and non-profit. All profits from the raffle will go toward helping pass the Personal Protection Act.

In-progress photos of the raffle prizes are being updated on the Wolf River Artisans’ Guild site at each step of the process. The link to their website is below, as is a description by Tim Morton of the package.

We’ve all been frustrated by newspaper editorials that distort the facts about concealed carry. With your purchase of even one raffle ticket, we can fight the media on their own turf.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has already fired its opening shot in the concealed carry fight with the usual “blood in the streets” editorial. Isn’t it about time we started preparing ourselves to fire back?

Please consider the purchase of even just one ticket to help in this effort.
Also, please forward this email to every gun owner you know.

And good luck in the raffle!

The Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association


Fantastic! Now you have an opportunity to help your Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association with a small donation and in the process have a chance to win one of the most wonderful packages you’ll ever see.

Wolf River Artisans’ Guild is putting together a concealed-carry packageespecially for the WCCA. If you open your wallets wide enough, the WCCA will be able to run newspaper ads in support of the Personal Protection Act. That would be terrific – and so is the package!

The package consists of two handguns, a tactical knife, three holsters, a belt and a presentation case for all.

The first handgun is a Springfield Armory “Champion” – a stainless steel .45 semi-auto pistol that is a 1911-A1 with a 4″ barrel. It has already been to the gunsmith for a complete tune-up and trigger brought to 4 lbs. pull. It’s now on its way to the engraver for a tasteful yet bodacious treatment. The
grips will be of silver and fully engraved. The holster will be Haugen’s “Enforcer” in Python.

The second handgun is a Ruger SP101 – a stainless steel compact handful of .357 magnum. It is presently at the engraver’s having a tasteful yet bodacious treatment. The grips are the standard recoil-absorbing rubber;
however, the inlays in the grips will be silver and fully engraved. The
holster will be Haugen’s “Defender” also in Python.

The tactical knife is a button-lock with safety release; AUS8 stainless that has been heat/cryo-treated; satin finished; 8″ overall, 4 1/2″ closed. The knife is being built at Merlin Blades and will then go to the engraver for
the finishing touches (you know… bodacious). Its holster will also be from Haugen and in Python.

All this will be housed in a presentation case in exotic wood with stainless fittings. The lid will lift to expose the handguns and knife in their own leather-lined depressions. The first drawer will house the leather goods,
and the bottom drawer will contain cleaning and polishing gear.

This is a single package and winner takes all. The drawing will be at the Wolf River facilities on Labor Day – Sept. 5, 2005. Tickets are a $20 donation each. Every bit of profit goes directly to the Wisconsin Concealed
Carry Association. All state and federal firearms laws must be adhered to. You need not be present to win. Total package value is $5,500.

All information about the package and ordering can be found on the Wolf River Artisans’ Guild website:

Good luck, and support concealed carry!