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Not much beats chocolate donuts..

But one of these guys sure would… AMD not only walking through the doors of dual core processors for our new toys, hell they are busting the doors down. Two CPU cores running on a single chip, multi threaded consuming roughly the same power as a single core processor, and similar heat ratings, no need to add another pound of copper for a heatsink or 4 more case fans, but still getting MORE POWER! Of course in the usual AMD fashion, far superior performance than its comparable Intel offerings. For those not so techy, imagine the ability of your machine to handle two tasks simultaneously and really fast!

The AMD Athlon 64 X2!
AMD's Athlon 64 X2

For the real fanatics, TechReport has a ton of benchmarks and more details (and yes I did read every page!) [insert ‘Homer Simpson drool’ effect]

For right around a grand you might be able to get your paws on the 4800+ X2 sometime next month.