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Mass animal suicide attempts?

Did I miss a news bulletin yesterday about an animal conspiracy to commit mass suicide or something? Last night I had to drive to town around 10pm to pick up Gabs’, her final hoorah for the school year was a trip to some water park in MN. No big deal, 15 miles to town, missed hitting two deer as they ran across the highway, pretty common to see them along the road throughout the year, a couple of opossums, and a raccoon. Got there without hitting anything.

It was the trip home that is when I learned of the conspiracy against Angel’s truck. Yup more deer, but none ON the road… but while watching for them I didn’t see the ‘coon till it was too late, he got in under the high beams, tried to dodge right and then back the left to hopefully scoot right over him…. the solid thud at the rear of the Derango told me he found the rear axle. Aside from scaring the tar out of Gab from the quick maneuver (and the bump on her head from the door pillar she was sleeping against), no real damage done. Only a few miles down the road a few more deer another ‘coon all alongside the road, maybe they’d already gotten word I’d hot my quota for the night. Hoped all of the critters got it… some bird missed the news flash, only caught a glitter of a white bug of some sort as it ride the air current over the vehicle, sadly it was being chased by some large bird, just a glimpse of brown and white headed for the windshield followed by a light thud on the roof and the a louder one, obviously hit the roof, and then the luggage rack.

I gave up, slowed down to 40 mph the rest of the way home, and patted myself on the back for not giving in to the desires to take the motorcycle, at this point the only thing I wanted to hit was the pillow, I’ll check for any damage after work tonight.