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Our tax dollars hard at work.

“According to a article, the defrauding of state government unemployment benefit programs is the most underpublicized identity theft crime and the states are not doing much about it. Identity thieves are using stolen social security numbers to file false unemployment claims and collecting benefits because the states have no systems in place to deter fraud. In fact, it is easier to convert stolen identity data into money by filing false unemployment claims than going after the credit card companies.” From the article: “File a false unemployment claim and you can receive $400 per week for 26 weeks. Do it for 100 Social Security numbers and you’ve made a quick $1.04 million. It’s tough to make crime pay much better than that.”

Now this is just getting plain ridiculous, there are next to no measures in place to detect Unemployment fraud? Come on now, how much simpler could things really be, what’s missing is the act of someone getting off their dead ass and writing a simple check and balances query. Here, I’ll even do 75% of the work for you, here are the conditions; Let’s see SSN #123456789 has a pending unemployment claim for this week, query state income tax database…was a credit reported from that same SSN? No – issue check, Yes – raise the flag…. DUH! It’s really just about that simple, granted not foolproof for all circumstances, but I’d bet my next paycheck it would catch a hell of a lot more fraud than sitting around with your collective thumbs up shoved up your collective asses!

What’s the next crisis going to be? Just a guess, but that gal who drove into the supermarket in a shiny new 2005 Escalade only to buy groceries with food stamps…….hmmm nothing unusual enough there to care about right?