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Okay I know, what the hell is FFFFA, inspired by Sarcastic Kitty, who last month ran a FFA posting on her blog for the last Friday of the month, I’ve stolen adopted/borrowed the idea, added a couple of F’s, but instead of the last this will be on the first Friday of each month, henceforth to be known as the First Friday Free For All.

July 1st, aka Friday morning sometime I’ll leave a post with a link and the user name/password you’ll need to use to login and you may post at will here on my blog. So tie a string on your finger, mark your calendar, put a sticky on your monitor, or write it on your forehead backwards so you don’t forget.

I’ve since learned of the originating source of the Friday FFA, more credit to spread around, I’ll let this one run through this week just to be different and also plan on opening the blog up to the the FFA crowd on the regular schedule.