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Discovery flight scrubbed

At least for now the space shuttle Discovery’s launch that was scheduled for 3:51pm today has been scrubbed. Sure hope they get things sorted out for a safe flight (and return) here shortly. I understand they have a two week window in which to get this mission off the ground, as we are able to start getting routine runs to and from ISS again. I’ve been missing the ‘2am and not being able to sleep so I can watch their activities’ and the lumps from Angel about turning off the TV… 🙂

Space shuttle Discovery

Quote from NASA’s website
Today’s Return to Flight launch of Space Shuttle Discovery has been postponed due to an issue with a low-level fuel cutoff sensor onboard the vehicle. The sensor protects an orbiter’s main engines by triggering them to shut down in the event fuel runs unexpectedly low. Mission managers are currently assessing the problem. More information will be announced as it becomes available.