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All the cool enhancements that were made all week to my main Forums had to be backed off and re-applied after finding out that I broke the main language file and subsequently breaking the registration page… Just glad I make frequent backups. Too many I think, there are backups of files that are over 6 months old and dozens of versions behind.

One of these days I’ll remember that PICO has a finite limit on line lengths and truncates ‘long lines’ for you, not that you want this to happen. What a mess. Hopefully someone else will remember this next time they are hacking on their phpBB files…. pull them into something like gEdit to make your mods. Need to see if EMACS or another CLI type editor avoids the same annoying ‘feature’ of truncating long lines. Seems silly to have to jump into Xwindows just edit a PHP file.

While I was at it I did shorten the initial registration page for the forums down to 4 entries, username, email addy, and password/password verification. Folks can go back into their profile and update the rest of the info as they see fit. Just speeds up the registration process a bit, 4 fields is less daunting than the 30ish editable fields. :sigh: