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Dave’s not here man….

Well actually he is now, after a two week vacation both from work and computers in general. Kinda refreshing to be ‘net free’ for a bit, though the withdrawals were pretty bad at first. My family and I were camping, so far out in sticks that I couldn’t even reach the ‘net with my pocket PC on the cell network. I’d have to guess, for good or bad, that will soon change as technology continues to envelope the country…. By next year there will probably be WIFI access to the whole lake area…. hmmm a new business venture? Wonder how well that would go over, well something to ponder on for a while anyhows.

But after two weeks of doing pretty much whatever I wanted, a bit of camping, boating, fishing, and goofing off in general, though I never did get around to dragging the water skis out, big storms blowing through the area made the lake a bit too rough for a noob. Trying to learn to ride the dang things with whitecaps breaking would have likely made for a rough time of things.

Monday was a rough one when the alarm clock went off the reality set in hard…. back to the office, ack!