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Message from WCCA

Publicly posting an email from the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association in hopes of spreading the word a bit further about a really cool prize package they are raffling off to raise funds to pay for media coverage of their mission: To get the Concealed Carry bill passed for Wisconsin. Something very near and dear to my heart.

Dear fellow gun owner:

Several weeks ago we emailed you about a raffle that the Wolf River Artisans’ Guild is conducting. The profits from the raffle will go to The Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association to help us buy newspaper advertising in key legislative districts to counter the lies told by the media.

The drawing of the raffle tickets will be held on September 5th, less than four weeks from now.

Frankly, ticket sales are less than expected. And, without sufficient ticket sales, we won’t be able to run ads that tell the truth about the proposed concealed carry law. All the people of Wisconsin will hear are the lies that Governor Doyle and his allies tell the press.

The package being raffled off consists of a hand-tuned, hand-engraved Springfield Armory Champion, a hand-tuned, hand-engraved Ruger SP-101 revolver, hand-made python holsters for both guns, a hand-made knife, and hand-made python leather sheath for the knife, and a hand-made wooden presentation case for all.

The value of this package is over $5,000. And this is a winner-take-all raffle: the winner gets both handguns, the knife, the holsters and sheath, and the presentation case.

You can view photos of the items (except for the presentation case, which is still being built) at

At that site you can also print out an order form for tickets, which are only $20 each.

With less than four weeks left, we urge you to use this opportunity to win a truly unique handgun/knife/holster package, and help us tell the people of Wisconsin the truth about concealed carry at the same time.

Thank you,
The Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association