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WI concealed carry classes

Michael and Brenda Walker of Personal Protection Specialties are pleased to announce they have more openings for their concealed carry class on August 13th and August 20th.

The classes will be held in Chippewa Falls / Eau Claire, WI. Please contact them for more information at 715-559-1243 or at their web site at

As with other concealed carry instructors, Mike and Brenda will be encouraging their students to make a contribution to our political action committee, the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Movement (WCCM). These contributions will go entirely to pro-concealed carry candidates in next year’s elections.

For further information about the classes, please review the letter below from Brenda and Mike, and contact them via their phone number, email address or website.

The Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association



The Minnesota Permit along with the Florida Permit is recognized as valid in 29 states at this time.

These classes are Self Defense Classes. And as such, Women are encouraged to attend as well. Brenda is on staff to specifically help women with their unique questions towards concealed carry.

Please encourage your wife or woman friend to attend!! Couples cost is only $250 per couple a $50 savings!

Also for men if you bring a friend or buddy you will both save $25 per person.

Check our web site for dates and times of classes if you do not utilize the web, please feel free to call, we do this full time and you can reach us at anytime from 11am till 10pm M-F most classes are held on every Saturday of every month, if you need weekday classes please call (715-559-1243) and make arrangements with Mike or Brenda.

If you have a club that you would like private lessons for please contact us and we can accommodate you on a per club basis.


The CCW Certification Class is an AACFI Certified class that is accepted as meeting the Minnesota and Florida training standards for receiving both the FL & MN CCW permit. The Non-Resident Florida CCW permit is recognized as valid in 28 states, MN in 11 states.

You should bring to the class, Eye & Ear protection, a Handgun that you are comfortable with, 50 rounds of ammo, and 2 magazines or speed loaders (if you have them). Try to bring your concealed carry weapon, huge 45’s sometimes are not practical for concealed carry, but if you must you can. Revolvers and compact Semi-auto’s are best.

One consistent promise we make to our students is that any updates needed to qualify for the WI Permit, if the legislation is passed this session, will be passed onto our students at our materials cost.

The Range:

The Range exercise consists of 15 rounds at 15 ft and 15 Rounds at 21 ft.

These exercises are timed and are executed from the standing position of your choice.

Class size is limited to 15 students per class; however we can handle 2 classes per day if needed. Classroom training will begin at 9am. With Range Qualification to follow.

The class itself is about 5 hours long. The shooting exercise will follow.

This course is not a basic pistol course so you should have some basic handgun training before you attend this course.


Cost of the class is $150, right now there are no range fees at Tilden, however there might be in the future.

Payment can be by Check, Cash, Credit Card or Money Order. Payment in advance is required and will reserve your seat in the class of your choice.

Please make check out to Michael or Brenda Walker

If you have any questions, you can visit us

Contact us via e-mail at or, Phone us at
To sign up for a class, call or email us at the above and ask for Michael or
Brenda certified Instructors.

The MN permit is a five year non-resident permit and is valid to carry a weapon in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah. You can apply to any sheriff in Minnesota as a non-resident. I will provide everything you will need to submit your application to a sheriff. Minnesota sheriffs can (and do) charge up to $100 for processing permit applications. You need to present your application in person usually during normal weekday business hours. Minnesota law requires all sheriffs to issue permits to those who are qualified and to accept my signed certificate that you have completed the required training. The law does not permit a sheriff from asking you anything more than what you are required to provide (your completed written application, a copy of your training certificate, a copy of the front and back of your driver’s license, and a check for up to $100).

Please fill out the enclosed form along with payment information, payment is REQUIRED up front in order to reserve your seat. There is a $50 cancellation fee is you cannot attend.

Thank you for choosing Personal Protection Specialties

Michael Walker
Personal Protection Specialties
Concealed Carry Instruction
“Your Right to Self Defense”