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Recycling electrons

Are you people just bored yet? Taking the time to actually write spammy comments, or those writing little spam robots that run around posting spammy comments on blogs or what? Do you honestly think I want hotlinks to your let me seel you this micracle pill or casino websites and all the rest of the garbage out there….NOT!

Yesterday there were 56 and today started off even better, let’s see this morning I check my mail and see there are 92, yes no typo there, 92 comments that have been left since 5pm yesterday afternoon. Well let’s see what the odds are of there actully being a relevant comment that even references ANY post on this little blog…. how about 92:0 But alas, now I know why the good folks at wordpress invented the link for Mark All Comments as Spam, one more little click and just like flushing a toilet, the shit crap is gone.

No that anyone actually reads this junk, it’s more for my personal enjoyment, and hey throwing a link with a little PR to those I chose never hurt anyone. So go ahead and keep up the crud, I’ve got plenty of CPU cycles, and room in my databases, which all equate to electrons that need recycling.