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Doyle petitions for Santa Injunction

DR – Wired: Earlier this week Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor Jim Doyle petitioned the state legislature to pass a bill which would effectively ban Santa (aka Chris Kringle) from entering WI airspace with his fleet of flying reindeer. This is seen as a direct result of Santa’s refusal to turn over Donner for testing of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) early last month. Unfortunately the tests for CWD requires involve the direct examination of brain tissue from the animal, conducting the test is considered particularly invasive and life threatening as it requires beheading of said animal. Wisconsin residents and more national public outcry has done little to sway the Democrat’s position on the matter. NRA officials are rumored to have started their own petition demanding to test Doyle next if the proposed Personal Protection Act bill current being debated for the state is again struck down

In a related story, last year Santa made the token gesture to prove his herd was isolated enough not to be affected from disease, a reindeer named ‘Gunthur’, a part time coach and third string backup sleigh puller, was offered up for testing. Lab results are still reported as pending.

Earlier reports of Doyle accepting a bribe of $100,000 per reindeer permitted to fly in Wisconsin airspace are still being investigated and are as yet not completely founded.