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Doyle vetoes Personal Protection Act

Late this evening, Governor Doyle will veto the Personal Protection Act concealed carry bill.

“The bill does not create a single job, help a single Wisconsin citizen afford health care, or improve schools for a single Wisconsin child,” Doyle said in a statement. “The Legislature should spend more time trying to get jobs into our communities instead of more guns.”

No, governor. The bill just allows people to defend themselves from violent criminals. We don’t have armed bodyguards like you do.

The fact that he would veto the bill so late on a Friday evening is interesting. Politicians usually make controversial announcements late on Fridays so that fewer people hear about it over the weekend.

The last time Doyle vetoed the Personal Protection Act in 2004, he had a big midday press conference where he was surrounded by sheriffs and police chiefs. This time he’s doing it in the dark of night.

Please don’t let Doyle succeed in trying to hide his veto. Email everyone you know about it.

And also please continue to contact the Democratic senators and representatives who voted for the bill to thank them for their courage, and to encourage them to vote to override Doyle’s veto.

Those Democratic legislators are:

Senator Russ Decker (608)266-2502

Senator Julie Lassa (608) 266-3123

Senator Bob Wirch (888) 769-4724

Senator Roger Breske (800) 334-8773

Senator Jeff Plale (608) 266-7505

Representative Barbara Gronemus (888) 534-0091

Representative Mary Hubler (888) 534-0075

Representative Marlin Schneider (888) 529-0072

Representative John Steinbrink (608) 266-0455

Representative Terry Van Akkeren (608) 266-0656

Representative Amy Sue Vruwink (888) 534-0070

We should have a veto override session in the Senate very soon, to be
followed by an override session in the Assembly.

The Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association