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Halfway to the override!

After a very short debate, the state Senate voted to override Governor Doyle’s veto of the Personal Protection Act. The vote was 23 to 10, one more than was needed.

The only Republican voting to sustain Doyle’s veto was Senator Luther Olsen.

Democrats voting to override the veto were Senators Julie Lassa, Russ Decker, Bob Wirch, Jeff Plale and Roger Breske.

Please take a few minutes to call these brave Democratic legislators to thank them for their vote. Their contact information is:

Senator Russ Decker (608)266-2502

Senator Julie Lassa (608) 266-3123

Senator Bob Wirch (888) 769-4724

Senator Roger Breske (800) 334-8773

Senator Jeff Plale (608) 266-7505

We still face a tough fight in the Assembly, where Representatives John Steinbrink and Terry Van Akkeren have not yet committed to a veto override. The Assembly may vote as early as next Tuesday on the override, so it’s important to keep the pressure on.

If you haven’t already contacted Van Akkeren and Steinbrink, please do so. If you know anyone who hasn’t contacted them, please urge them to do so. This is especially important if you know anyone in Sheboygan (Van Akkeren’s district) or southeastern Kenosha county (Steinbrink’s district).

The contact information for these two senators is:

Representative John Steinbrink (608) 266-0455

Representative Terry Van Akkeren (608) 266-0656

The Assembly vote is the last step. It’s there where we will win or lose.

Let’s win!

As soon as the Assembly vote is scheduled, we’ll alert you.

The Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association