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Finally catching up with the times.

See what the holidays and such can do to time…Finally upgraded WordPress (probably the best blogging software out there today!) to version 2.0, what the heck it’s only been out for 28 days now.  Normally I like to update things as quickly as possible, but as this upgrade does not address any security issues, it mostly cosmetic for background functions, combining everything into a fully intergrated Create a Post function makes things a simpler and with a ‘rich text’ GUI type interface that meansno more goofing around with multiple page loads to import images and such will make this blog a bit more enjoyable to write posts.. 

If you are still running 1.5 or older, I highly recommend updating to the lastest version.  The upgrade path is painless as always, upload the files and run the update script and your flying again. 

Additional features now intergrated tools like comment spam prevention will be interesting to see how well they function. I quickly tire of deleting 40+ spammy comments a day.