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Tired of DMOZ’s description?

If your web site is listed in the Open Directory Project (ODP, then Google and MSN will often use the text that the ODP uses to describe your web site in their own search results.

Unfortunately, the descriptions in the Open Directory Project are often outdated and they don’t reflect the current status of a web site. That means that your web site might be listed with an outdated description in the search results on Google and MSN.

How to get rid of the ODP description

To tell Google and MSN not to use the ODP description for your web site. You can direct Google and MSN not to use the ODP as a source by adding a new Meta tag to your web pages.

To prevent all search engines (that support the Meta tag) from using the ODP description for the page’s description, use the following HTML tag:


To specifically prevent Google from using this information for a page’s description, use


or just prevent MSN from using the description, use

<meta NAME="msnbot" CONTENT="NOODP"></meta>

Once you add this Meta tag to your pages, it may take some time until a new description of your web page will appear in the search results of Google and MSN, depending on how often your site is spidered.

Yahoo does not support the NOODP tag, since they operate their own directory they do not need to pull the web page descriptions from the ODP.