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Doyle proposes more anti-gun laws

From The Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association

Yesterday, Governor Doyle proposed a series of anti-gun laws that could
seriously affect you, your friends, and your family.

One proposal is a law to “close the gunshow loophole.” This proposal would
ban all private sales of firearms. All sales would have to go through a
licensed dealer, and the buyer would have to undergo a background check. Not
only will this make it more difficult for you to buy or trade guns with your
friends or family, but it will also make it more expensive. Remember that
the governor’s budget includes a $22 increase in the background check fee.

Doyle is also proposing to roll back the state’s pre-emption law, which was
passed in 1995. The pre-emption law prevents municipalities from enacting
gun laws more strict than those at the state level. Eliminating our
pre-emption law would result in bans on handguns such as the one that
Madison had in the early 1990’s, and would open the door for all sorts of
other restrictive laws. Rolling back the pre-emption law would also allow
cities and towns to continue to ban concealed carry once we get our carry
bill passed.

The governor also proposed prohibiting possession or purchase of a firearm
by anyone who had been convicted of a misdemeanor involving a gun. This
would result in denying Second Amendment rights to people who have committed
even the most minor infractions, such as improperly transporting a gun (Or
carring a concealed weapon). It would amount to a lifetime ban on gun
ownership, something that is usually reserved for felonies.

Doyle also proposed a bill requiring “ballistic fingerprinting” on all guns.
Under such a law, manufacturers would be required to make guns that would
imprint a serial number or other distinguishing mark on a bullet. Such a law
was proposed in California, but the manufacturers made it clear that the
manufacturing costs of such legislation would require them to stop selling
guns in California. Also, supporters of so-called “ballistic fingerprinting”
laws ignore the fact that barrels change over time and, thus, so would the
markings. Further, it would be very easy for a criminal to alter the barrel
to change the imprint. A “ballistic fingerprinting” system in Wisconsin
would cost millions of dollars to implement, would likely force gun
manufacturers to stop selling guns in Wisconsin and, ultimately, would have
no effect on crime.

It is vitally important that we stop the governor in his tracks, before his
proposals can be introduced in the legislature.

Please contact your legislator and let him or her know that you oppose
Governor Doyle’s proposals. If you don’t know who your legislator is, go to and enter your street address.

Remember Governor Doyle’s promise during last year’s campaign that he
wouldn’t interfere with the rights of gun owners? Chalk that up to just
another empty campaign promise. Governor Jim Doyle has always been anti-gun,
and always will be.

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