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Slum, Sweet Slum

RUSH: “A Boston Housing Authority director says Barack Obama’s aunt [Aunt Zeituni], a Kenyan woman who has lived in public housing for five years, is an ‘exemplary resident’ and only recently did anyone know of her connection to” Obama. Folks, this sickens me!  This poor old woman who is living in her “Slum, Sweet Slum” is called an “exemplary resident,” and nobody knew until yesterday when the UK papers got on it that she was related to Obama.  God Almighty, help me!  I am so deeply sickened by this statement.  This woman
lives in squalor!  She lives in a place no human being should be, not in this country.  She doesn’t even have a decent cane to help her limp around her slum.  Her slum was created by liberal policies and politicians, her
slum in Boston… I mean, she’s Barney Frank’s close neighbor.  Barney Frank, the subprime mortgage  molester, the champion of all things liberal.
This twisted bureaucrat in Boston calls her an “exemplary resident”?

The #1 reason to vote John McCain is B. Obama!