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Tommorrow’s the Big Day

After a year or more of hearing rhetoric, theories, promies, and outright lies (from the Left), the big day is just about here.  Should be enlightening, entertaining, and hopefully not to disheartening.  I have faith that over 1/2 of the US population isn’t stupid, I’d settle for 51% of the voting population that are not being blinded by the glitz and glamor and flat out throwing money at the campaign to win/buy/steal this election.  I’m sick of seeing Barak’s face!  Let’s defeat his sorry ass, and then expose him for the total fraud that he is.  Not the golden boy some folks would have us believe, this dude has more bad doings, bad acquaintances, piss poor friends (albeit some publicly disowned for the duration of the election), not to mention all of the ill thought out ‘plans’ he’s taking credit for.  Not really sure why, I wouldn’t touch any of them with a 10′ pole and blame it on the Clinton’s!

If we are really lucky, maybe on the 5th we’ll be blessed by the leftwing media and can start hearing about all the news stories about Obamma, the truths, you know the ones, that have been so closely guarded you’d think they were the crown jewels.  I’m not quite sure how Obamma got as popular as he has, afterall here is a fella that has done absolutely NOTHING of consequence for anyone but himself.  Hell, pay me a senator’s salary and I’ll write a couple of books myself.  MY story is of the same nothing about nothing story as his, and frankly I don’t give a rat’s ass about either one, and I lived one of them!

If you think that taxes aren’t going to go sky high if Obamma should win/buy/steal the vote, then you’ve ahd your head in the clouds.  All these wonderful plans are going to take some serious capital to even think about coming to be….  more Democratic sinkholes is the vibe I get from them.  I won’t claim any fancy degree in Economics, balancing my checkbook is an annual event. But I do know that playing Robin Hood with the largest corporations in the country can only backfire. But I have reason to believe (in my own mind) that may very be the intent.

McCain and Palin on the other hand appear to be of a single mind, quit screwing the little guy!  Make me a campaign dude and that would be my slogan for them.  Plain and simple, QUITE SCREWING THE LITTLE GUY!

There I’m done and will execute my civic right tomorrow and await the results, not impatiently.