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We are SOOO! Screwed!!!!!

Plain and simple, We are SOOOO totally screwed! With Virgina (13) going Blue, brings Obama to 220 elctoral votes, and California’s polls not even closed yet with 55 electoral votes that can only go to the liberals, that makes the 270 goal. “The Black Man” as titled by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, managed to buy/cheat/steal the 2008 election. Not sure if I would feel better if it was just brainwashed, kool-aid drinking, tinfoil hat wearing morons that cast the deciding votes.

Radical Leftwing organizations like ACORN leave little doubt there is a measurable amount of fraud in play as well. Oh wait, in an interview with Fox a couple weeks ago, they claimed they are a non-partisan group, the ad they released supporting Barak a week later was a figment of you television’s imagination. Could it have anything to do with the pile of cash Obama’s campaign threw at them? Or was it the million and millions given to them by the Dem’s in Congress.

Now it’s time for all us who “cling to our religion and guns” to hunker down and to prepare for the onslaught of bullshit that’s headed down the pike. Given the Dem’s controlling the Senate, House and the White House, a shitstorm is coming and it’s definitely going to get deep.

Least of all, the racial polarization that is going to become VERY prevalent in short order. Now if he’s lost, the inner city riots and the like would have been entertaining to watch from afar.

Obama has been titled the farthest left leaning Dem, a socialist, a Marxist, a radical, and a two faced liar. Every time he opens his mouth more shit falls out to prove them true to life titles.

Guess if you have enough money (legally or illegally gained) to throw at something, like Bob Barker made his fortune saying, It’s yours… if the price is right.

Making matters worse, I always looked forward to setting up until 3 or 4am with a case of Mt. Dew watching things progress…. Now it’s barely 10pm and I’m heading to bed, can I wake up in the morning and this all have been the most horrific, terrifying dream anyone could imagine?

Again we are SOOOOOOO Screwed!