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Posts published in “Day: March 3, 2009”

Electricity Prices about to Skyrocket

With President Obama’s so called Cap and Trade system, it is being reported by his own cabinet that electric bills will increase $700-1200 a year per family, beginning in 2012. So much for the breaks promised for ‘middle class’ Americans huh? This is directly in line with the speech given by Obama back in January that was buried by the leftwing media.

How will this really work? Simply by hammering companies that produce green house gasses, those producing less will get a break and can sell their ‘credits’ to others that produce more. For example coal fired electricity plants… while the idea of producing less pollutants, in this example CO2 should be a good thing this is definitely not the way to do it. Will operations for coal plants really change, perhaps in time, however in the short term they will simply pass along the increased operating costs onto the consumers. Currently coal fired plants produce electricity for the grid at a cost of roughly $.06 per KiloWatt Hour (KWh), and sell it wholesale to utility companies who in turn sell it to consumers…. the trickle down effect is replaced with an avalanche effect for consumers, imagine paying up to $.25/KWh.

What does this really mean for the folks? Brace for impact! In less kinder words start stretching those hamstrings to grasp your ankles firmly, Obama is going to give it to you right up the ass!

What can we do about it? Directly, not a lot, Obama is going to do whatever he wants for a while, with a Democratic Congress to help push his agenda there are no check and balances left to hold him back.

Indirectly, find ways to start curbing your electricity use, actually all fuel usage (we know any fossil fuel usage will get hammered as well).

Cut heating and cooling costs now! The largest bang for the buck comes from insulating your home, a tremendous amount of heating/cooling energy just escapes the household envelope lost to the environment! Insulate and grab the caulking gun and seal up those leaks, savings of over 40% have been reported. A short term investment can yield some very impressive long term results, aka cost savings directly visible on your monthly bills. Payback times can vary, but if you are looking to make an immediate change this is by far the largest bang for your buck that can be realized.

Replace those drafty old windows and doors, not the cheapest route, but the savings are there too, after a much longer payback window. If this is out of the budget now, seal up any leaks around them with caulk, and during the winter simply covering the windows with tight fitting shades or blinds can dramatically slow down the heat transfer in or out of your home.

Replacing old inefficient appliances, if your water heater or refrigerator is older than 10 years, consider replacing it, new ones are far more efficient and will a significant difference that you can see on your utility bills.

More energy saving articles will follow, as well as the Grey Fuzz’s venture into using the sun to replace the electric grid and heat/cool our home!