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VMware 2 on Slackware 12.2

At last a conpletely seamless installation for VMware 2.x for Slackware! No more goofing around patching the source, making temporary modifications to the file system so that it resembles something else…  Installation is as simple as extracting the files from the tartball and running the script!

Accepting the default prompts through the install script will give you the base install and runs without issue!  The only thing I added was the license key (gets emailed to you from VMware’s site with the download).

Now time to install the guest OS’s, the only safe way I know to run windoze…  Unfotunately there are still a few apps that will only run under M$, but keeping it locked in a guest OS and only firing it up to run those apps and then shutting it back down again.

Great way to test OS’s, applications, servers, malware etc…   Install the guest, take a snapshot, trash it, break it, just hose it up completely…  revert to the snap and start again 🙂

Happy VM hacking!