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Sample Unix Admin Resume Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from a Unix Administrator and programmer Resume for you to use, good blurbs to take pieces of, if you use it in full… well you are not too bright.

I won’t say it’s mine, in fact it’s not, however it does bear some similarities. Most of the personal data has been sanitized but you should get the idea if you are looking for wordings and such.


XXX is a skilled UNIX system administrator and programmer with experience administering both large and small networks and developing software for many applications. XXX possesses the proven ability to solve complex problems in many areas and the creativity to research and implement innovative solutions even with limited resources. As a UNIX administrator for XXXXX, XXX has gained large-scale networking experience and has researched, managed, and contributed to numerous individual, team, and corporation-wide projects. Previously, as a founder and operator of his own successful software development company, XXX perfected his independent skills in system and business administration, security, project management, software development, support, documentation, and training. XXX’s technical abilities and broad range of knowledge make him of great value to his employers.

Technical Skill Summary:


Perl, Shell Scripting (ksh/bash), PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, SQL, Visual Basic, VBScript, ASP

Key Skills:

– Servers (apache, iPlanet, tomcat, DNS/BIND, sendmail, postfix, IIS)

– Veritas enterprise software (volume manager, clustering, NetBackup)

– Monitoring systems (HP OpenView, Nagios, custom tools)

– Security/Firewall tools (iptables, ipchains, system logging, swatch)

– UNIX tools (ssh, rsync, vi, NFS, SSL, compilers, common commands)

– Platform compatibility and VPN (samba, stunnel, ipsec, cipe, openvpn)

– Desktop tools (Microsoft Office, Acrobat, Photoshop, OpenOffice)


Oracle, MySQL, MS Access

Operating Systems:

Solaris, HP/UX, Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake), Windows 9x/NT/2000

Professional Experience:


UNIX Administrator June 20xx – Present[1]

§ Administered large-scale UNIX network comprised of hundreds of HP, Sun, and Linux servers, including server installation, task automation, troubleshooting, and hardware and software upgrades.

§ Authored business case and implemented comprehensive infrastructure monitoring project from beginning to end, improving results while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

§ Designed and implemented web-based DNS management system and database back-end, improving efficiency for customers and freeing system administrators from an unnecessarily repetitive task.

§ Developed automated reports on disk utilization, system resource consumption, and system and application availability to provide necessary metrics to management and high-level projects.

§ Coordinated work with developers and database administrators to deploy and monitor high availability applications utilizing Veritas Cluster Services and HP ServiceGuard.

§ Managed project to develop internal documentation site including web-based viewing tools, searching and indexing utilities, e-mail to website gateway, database back-end, and authentication.

§ Designed database schema and web interface to track host, vendor, and support data.

§ Developed and deployed applications for display on Operations Center wallboard.

§ Participated on Operations Excellence teams, representing all facets of Information Technology, to discuss and coordinate efforts between different infrastructure and customer service groups.

§ Represented UNIX administrators and database administrators on security incident team.

§ Provided frequent assistance and consulting to colleagues working on various projects.

Professional Experience (continued):


Owner and Operator June 19xx – June 20xx

§ Individually authored Discus and Discus Pro, World Wide Web discussion board applications written in Perl, which were registered for use on over 75,000 Internet sites.

§ Installed, documented, upgraded, administered, and maintained the company’s World Wide Web server, local area network, and internet connection for both shared hosting and dedicated connections.

§ Planned, designed, and implemented firewall and routing for Internet and intranet connectivity.

§ Developed tools to proactively monitor network status and report anomalies via pager.

§ Designed, developed, and implemented backup and disaster-recovery strategies.

§ Automated retrieval of company financial information from banks and credit card processors.

§ Integrated real-time credit card processing and customer database (MySQL, Perl, Authorize.NET).

§ Configured and maintained Internet and intranet implementations of DNS, web, and mail servers.

§ Implemented spam and virus e-mail filtering (SpamAssassin, Procmail, Bayesian filtering).

§ Patched operating systems and specific software packages as necessary for security and bug fixes.

§ Designed and implemented remote access methods (PPP dialup server, VPN, secure tunnels).

§ Analyzed hardware requirements and compatibility needs and installed new hardware as needed.

§ Led training sessions and workshops describing WWW discussion board technology.

§ Managed vendor and supplier relationships for hardware, software, and services.

Some College Office of Computing and Information Technology

Student Support Specialist January 19xx – May 19xx

§ Conducted security review of the entire web site of XXX College, a Midwestern liberal arts college, identifying over 50 potential vulnerabilities and, together with a team, repaired them.

§ Analyzed and reported student telephone usage statistics and developed new telephone pricing plans.

§ Analyzed and reported access to dial-up internet service to implement system improvements.

§ Individually authored Perl CGI scripts to allow faculty to download class lists, change passwords, access student information, and more using their web browsers.

§ Participated in additional projects relating to network security, statistical analysis, and web development.

Some College Department of Chemistry

Webmaster and Research Assistant June 19xx – May 19xx

§ Installed, maintained, administered, and upgraded chemistry department web server.

§ Administered environment comprised of Linux, SGI IRIX, HP/UX, Solaris, and Windows workstations.

§ Configured HP/UX system to control Varian FT-NMR system and make data available on workstations.

§ Participated in cutting-edge computational chemistry research, using models to predict chemical behavior.

§ Authored four articles published in major scientific journals relating to research performed.

Education and Awards:

Some College, in MI

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, 19xx

Bachelor of Science with American Chemical Society certification, Chemistry, 19xx

GPA: 3.99/4.0 (Chemistry: 4.0/4.0; Mathematics: 3.9/4.0), Graduated Summa Cum Laude

§ National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, 20xx

§ National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship, 19xx

§ McElvain Fellowship, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 19xx

§ Pfizer Chemistry Undergraduate Fellowship, 19xx

§ XXX College chemistry department awards: Godfrey prize to top graduating senior (19xx), Journal award to top junior (199x, Organic chemistry award (19xx).

§ Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, 19xx

[1] Employment from June 3, 2002 to September 2, 2002 was as a consultant through xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.