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Census workers in Aug?

Guess they finally figured out that I only completed the “number of people living in my household” question on my census form.  They actually sent a census worker to my house this evening in an attempt to complete their silly form that I left largely blank, answering only the constitutionally mandated question.

When questioned this nut job had the audacity to tell me she’d not read the US Constitution, nor had any idea what or who granted authority to collect information.  Actually seemed a bit pissed when asked these questions.  She was even more upset when I told her she was not going to get any further answers or any personal information from me without a subpoena and that this “interview’ as she called it was now over, further loitering on my property would constitute an being unwelcome guest who was trespassing.

I almost felt bad for this lady, but then again… she asked for it!  How dare anyone just waltz around bothering people with stupid questions during the supper hour, but have no clue what or why they are performing these duties… let alone actually having read the documents that founded our once great nation (currently being driven further into the ground).

Let’s get realistic here… most of the information they want is available through various channels…. Hell, damn near all of it could be obtained tax records and DOT records alone, using nothing more than a name and address for cross referencing!  Now as to what time I leave for work each day etc….  go fly a flipping kite you jackasses.  If you really wanted to know sit outside my house and try to figure that out…… if you can before the Sheriff’s Office arrives or I get tired and start shooting!

So if these fools are parading around your neighborhood and you want to have some fun… ask them about the who, what, when, where and hows 🙂  If ignorance is bliss this gal was in heaven!